A group of technology enthusiasts

We maintain a network of passionate technology enthusiasts with extensive expertise in both traditional web technology and bleeding-edge innovation. We love to continually explore new business opportunities.

Recent collaborations

Online product using Stable Diffusion and custom image models for immediate AI image generation.

Innovative smart contract for a Stablecoin-backed NFT with a web3 interface for community features.

SaaS cloud product integrating IoT hardware for industrial manufacturing companies to enhance machine effectiveness.

Portfolio Sites

We are managing multiple active online projects and are also open to forming new partnerships.

Let’s explore new forms of collaboration. Depending on the type of your project we are open to new partnerships and cooperative models – including participation through sweat equity.

Client work

While our primary focus is on our own web projects, we also enjoy working on interesting client projects. We believe that every project is an opportunity to learn, grow, and innovate. We are dedicated to going above and beyond in all our projects.